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About Us is a dynamic and user-friendly Pashto-English & English-Pashto dictionary having more than 16K words facilitated with all-round grammatical descriptions. The dictionary is designed and devised so as to appeal to a wide array of users, ranging from beginners to advanced users, Pashto and non-Pashto speakers, students, teachers, researchers, lexicographers etc.

The user-friendly interface concedes one to add more words/phrases and modify one’s previous entries or delete entries containing discrepancies with ease. The auto suggestion feature allows any novice to select the requisite word or phrase in English/Pashto to find-out meanings of that very word, and to get closely related word/phrase of the entry searched for. Also, fully supported TTF fonts are installed in the website so that user can easily differentiate between words and their meanings that purposes as one of the most imperative pre-requisite precursor needed for any UNICODE based fonts.

We are glad to have embedded Roman Pashto searching in the upgraded version. Now one can easily search a Pashto-Roman word and find out its meaning in either language, English and/or Pashto as well. A wide range of new attributes and features are listed in here which came as suggestions to us via the feedback we collected from our members. One doesn’t need to install any additional Pashto fonts in their system, nor need to bother about having a Pashto Keyboard as Pashto Phonetic Keyboard is essentially built-in.

Feedback is vital to the optimum performance and operation of the website. New words will be added after sometime as we are receiving the feedback from the users, esp. our members – also, so after that one can submit words to the dictionary and will be reviewed before its publishing. Moreover, once users get registered by creating their account, they can communicate and discuss ideas, issues and problems relating to literature or any other thing and later on furnishing suggestions and feedback about feasible yet brilliant ideas in order to ameliorate the functioning of the website. enables users to execute searches essentially in three ways:
Roman Pashto-English and vice versa

Furthermore, resources like Pashto Proverbs, Idioms, Phrases, Jargons, Pashtoon Tribes database, Pashtoon Names (male and female) have been added as well to the